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Governor Walker Releases Wildlife Program Audit, Fulfills Campaign Promise

Audit finds WI Department of Natural Resources is using funds appropriately

Monday, October 8, 2012 - Press Release

Madison — The first in a series of annual audits of fish and wildlife accounts is complete, according to Governor Scott Walker and the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Administration.  Governor Walker made a campaign promise to require annual audits of fish and wildlife accounts to increase transparency and accountability.

“I’m pleased to see the findings of this audit show the Department of Natural Resources is collecting, reporting, and spending the money collected from the Waterfowl Stamp Program appropriately.  It’s important to all sportsmen and women that the money in these accounts is being used as intended.  In this case - to benefit the waterfowl population and its habitat,” Governor Walker said. 

The independent audit, which was conducted by Wegner CPAs of Madison found the revenue collected from the sale of the Waterfowl Stamps for the year ending June 30, 2011 was stated accurately and used for the appropriate purposes in accordance with Wisconsin law.

Revenue from the sale of Wisconsin waterfowl stamps totaled $509,864 for the fiscal year.  The money supported 19 waterfowl habitat projects in Wisconsin, as well as some projects in Canada that benefit migratory waterfowl.  Examples of projects funded fully or partially by the Wisconsin waterfowl stamp program:

         Meadow Valley Wildlife Area, Juneau County – Work was recently completed on a damaged dike.  The dike is now better equipped to manage water levels on the flowage, impacting 655 acres of marshland. 

         Wetland restoration, Fond du Lac, Outagamie and Rock Counties - Three restoration projects resulted in more ideal waterfowl conditions over eighty acres of land.

         Germania Wildlife Area, Marquette County – Work to repair the Duck Creek dike was completed in the fall of 2011.  As a result, the dike was able to hold up against heavy rain and flooding in May of 2012.

         Horicon Wildlife Area, Dodge County – Ongoing project aimed at eliminating invasive cattails in the Horicon Marsh to improve conditions for breeding and migrating birds.

The Waterfowl Stamp Program audit is the first review in a series of audits of fish and wildlife accounts.  A copy of the audit is available at: